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Tia Rhinehart

Our eleventh Woman of the Week features a strong woman of God with an amazing story!


After attending my Alma mater (Oliver High School), Tia made the decision to continue her educational journey. After spending a year at the Sanford Brown Institute, Tia completed the Dental Assistant program.


On August 11. 2016, Tia was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of approaching this battle in fear, she embraced it with FAITH! With the support of her family and four boys, Tia has endured and conquered the challenges that accompany cancer.


When asked about the biggest challenge of dealing with cancer, she mentioned having chemotherapy sessions for the duration of her life. Chemotherapy can be described as a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to eliminate rapidly growing cells in the body.


In the midst of this consistent treatment and her battle with cancer, Tia started her own clothing apparel company “No Girls Allowed” (May 2018). This vision was the result of noticing a broader selection of clothing for young women. “No Girls Allowed” is a brand catered to providing our young kings a variety of clothing options.


When asked about what she has learned during this journey, she stated the following, “I learned you still have to live your life.”


When asked about the advice that she would give to anyone fighting this battle or any form of adversity, Tia mentioned the following: “Anyone battling anything, keep fighting and stay strong. For those who cant fight anymore, it is okay to want alone time. It is okay to cry, and it is okay to be upset! There will be good and bad days. Just don't let the bad days win!"


As a three year survivor of Breast Cancer, Tia is a perfect example of Philippians 4:13: “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Tia also demonstrates that you don’t have to be a prisoner to any circumstance when you have the greatest God within you!

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you:

Ms. Tia Rhinehart

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