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Kylie Stores

2019’s First Woman of the Week features a remarkable woman of God who has a genuine passion for helping others! 


After attending Schenley High School, Kylie decided to continue her educational journey at Carlow University. 


Possessing a strong interest in the medical field along with having many nurses in her family, Kylie decided to major in Nursing. In 2014, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. 

After graduation, Kylie became an author and published her first book, “God Set Me Up”. This was inspired by a strong desire to share her story. In 2016, Kylie went on to write and publish her second book, “Her Story, His Story”. This publication was inspired by meeting and building a bond with her biological father. 

Along with composing her second book, Kylie completed the pursuit of her Masters Degree in Nursing. Outside of being an author and blogger, Kylie currently has a career as an Registered Nurse. After being in this field for five years, she rediscovered a previous spiritual calling. Being surrounded by various people walking in their spiritual purpose, she became inspired to do the same and decided to enroll in the Moody Theological Seminary. Kylie’s goal after completing seminary is to become a chaplain or spiritual advisor in Urban Ministry. 

Kylie stated the following about the next phase of her career: “I have a heart for prisoners, athletes, underserved children, and adoptees so my options are plenty. I pray God places me in the area that I can serve him best in. I overall wanted a more biblical knowledge of God and his word so I could continue in spreading the gospel through various avenues.” 

When asked about the greatest challenge that she faced, Kylie mentioned the following: 

“I was adopted, so that brought many emotional challenges in my life. I have dealt with many uncertainties related to that. I now know my biological parents and have a great relationship with them so that challenge has decreased, but it was not easy.”

This challenge taught her how to open up and express herself. Although these challenges were draining, Kylie learned how to deal with her challenges in a healthy way. She added the following: “They have brought me closer to God in extraordinary ways and allowed me to grow as a woman.”


When discussing the advice she would give to someone in a similar situation, Kylie stated the following: “I would encourage anyone dealing with similar situations to put it in God’s hands. It may sound cliché, but it is true. God needs to come first and God needs to be the center of what you are going through because only he can change things around for you. I would also recommend counseling with a professional to provide a different view on your situation.”


Kylie is an amazing and accomplished Woman of God who didn’t let her circumstances influence her confidence or spiritual calling. She’s destined for great things, and I’m excited to see what she accomplishes in the new year! 

I Introduce To You,

Ms. Kylie Stores

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