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Jordan Thorpe

Our sixth Woman of the Week features a very accomplished woman with an amazing story. Before beginning her career, she became the mother of an intelligent young man at the age of seventeen. Despite becoming a teenage mother, she remained focused on her purpose and making an impact! In 2012, Jordan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Chatham University. She decided to continue her educational journey, and enrolled in a graduate program at Point Park University. In 2014, Jordan earned a Masters Degree in Communication. After developing a desire to help teenage mothers, she made the decision to become a life coach. Within the midst of discovering this passion, Jordan earned her life coaching certification from Duquesne University. Last September, Jordan published her first book “Jordan’s Journey Practical Guide For Finding Self and Purpose”. The idea to write a book started out as journaling to release built up tension. Jordan discovered that she had a story to tell, and realized that people could benefit from it. Her book discusses the journey and process involved to reach your purpose. Jordan’s goal for 2018 is to continue her evolution as a woman.


When discussing what advice she would give to single mothers aspiring to reach their goals, she stated the following: “The reality of it is that life will seem hard, and you will have obstacles. The good news is that you don’t have to get through it by yourself. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”


Jordan’s journey shows us that the God within you is greater than anything that you’ll face! Jordan is a great example of a queen who remained focused and determined to reach her purpose despite the setbacks she faced!


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Jordan Thorpe

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