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Client Reflections

“Life Coaching with Carlton has been such a tremendous experience. I thank God for him because I don’t know where I’d be. His diligence, willingness, and compassion is truly admirable. He’s so understanding! When our sessions began, it started at a point where I was so lost, broken, and depressed. Since then, he’s helped me manage those emotions, helped me on my spiritual journey, and help me build & strengthen my relationship with God. He always reminds me of “whose I am” and who I belong to and that in itself is so reassuring. He helps me understand that God loves me unconditionally and that He’s faithful. Carlton is adamant about reminding me that I am called, chosen, & purposed for this life. I thank God for him every day and I am so blessed to be able to work with him. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!” - Savannah

“Reaching out to Carlton for life coaching/mentoring was one of the BEST decisions and investment I could have made for myself. From day one he provided me with knowledge, tools and skills to help me focus on providing growth and accountability within myself. He also helped me focus on core values that will prepare me to open up my own mentoring program for young girls and women. I look forward to continuing my life coaching journey with Carlton as it has presented to be exactly what I needed when it comes to making a change for a better ME” - Arrie

“My experience working with Carlton was the ultimate blessing during a difficult time in my life. When the opportunity came to work with a life coach, I went out on a whim, but I felt deeply that this was gonna be a blessing, and sure enough it was. Carlton always bases his coaching sessions upon the word of God and he challenged me to use my faith as a weapon to cope with my struggle of self doubt and low confidence. I could tell instantly that he was led by the Spirit when I realized one week that he spoke exactly to a particular situation that I hadn’t yet told in detail and it was exactly what I needed to hear in order to move and obey in faith. Thank you, Carlton! Keep letting the LORD use you, my brother in Christ!” - Elan


"Working with you was an amazing experience! You were very prepared every session. I was given the amount of time that you agreed to in the contact and the consult. Our sessions always started on time. You listened, you were attentive, and never distracted. We never had any disruptions during our sessions. I was very enlightened and always hung up from our calls with someone new to apply and think about. This was first experience with a life coach and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. I’d also highly recommend your services personally. I look forward to working with you again." - Kendall 

"Working with Carlton was such a blessing. Not only is he a life coach, he is a man after God’s own heart. Over a five week span I was encouraged, I was inspired and I was empowered. I have continually been impressed by his level of reliability and easy going nature. He has a genuine heart and a selfless spirit, and let me not forget a sense of humor. Before Carlton became my life coach, he always supported my visions by praying with me and encouraging me to see that my nonprofit organization will go far. He believes in me just as much as I believe in him. You would love him as your life coach. He is the true embodiment of the word itself: “coach”. He will help lead you in the right direction." - Sheneka 

Working with Carlton has become a pivotal moment in my life. After working with him, I have felt more encouraged to address and let go of unhealthy baggage and dysfunctional thinking. His insight and optimistic view points on life and experiences has allowed me to recognize the areas in my life that I needed to make the adjustments in and how to start the process. Throughout all sessions, he was very empathetic, understanding, humorous, and relatable. I appreciated his biblical advice and his constant reminder to always seeing myself the way that God sees me. In times past, I’ve sought out help from counselors and pastors and was unable to get the help that I needed. I am a firm believer that God uses unconventional methods to reach people and he used Carlton for his purpose. I can honestly say that I am walking away in freedom and with a better outlook on my life!” - Kamesha


"Carlton is truly gifted. He makes you so comfortable to talk about your problems and digs deep to find the stem. Carlton watched me laugh and cry with no judgement. He prayed for me when I needed it the most, and changed they way I think. I learned how to look at things from a different perspective. I will definitely be scheduling another session in the future. Thank you "  -- Lesa 

"My experience with Carlton as my life coach was great! He did not only provide physical tools for my goals, but spiritual guidance as well. I started working with him in the summer and since then I reached my goal by September. He is efficient and an expert life coach that will provide superior guidance to your life goals" -- Yanique

"I just want to say thank you for the sessions. I have learned so much, and you were very honest and to me gave the best advice. You spoke from experience. You DID NOT judge but you understood and gave me clear directions. The 3 P’s is what I will forever hold on to dearly because I can apply them everyday in life. You are the bomb, and I pray your clientele grows because what you do is from the heart and I felt that in each session thank you soooooooooooooo much" -- Keke

"At first I was skeptical about using a life coach because I felt like it was pointless and it wouldn’t be of any help. But you helped me tap into who I was a little bit better, and helped me improve my relationship and to always remember to keep God First" --  Maya

"My coaching experience with Carlton was great. He was the push I needed. By the time my 6 week “Breakthrough” session ended, I accomplished every goal I listed. My confidence, drive and my ambition was high. If you are committed to personal growth, I would highly recommend coaching with Carlton."-- Shenah

"My session with Carlton was so powerful and helpful. In so little time, he was able to help me get a different perspective on my life and advised me to view things differently. He explained to me how enjoying my journey can have a major impact in this current stage of my life which was a major eye opener for me. Overall my session was refreshing and graced with God’s presence. He helped me unpack a lot of me. I’m sad to go but I’m blessed to have him assist on my journey!" — Tkeya

"I want to like say thank you for your ministry and advocating for women empowerment in a positive way. I appreciate you and your gift and may God bless you during your journey on this earth. Our sessions were awesome and they helped me realize who I am as a woman of God and to also remember that Jesus comes first before anything. Although we know these things, it is always great to have a reminder and to hear it from someone's point of view who is underneath the word of God. Before we met I was going through storms in my life. I knew something was wrong so I decided to reach out to you to see what a life coach was all about. I thank the lord for the connection! " -- Kimberly 

“It took me awhile to be able to articulate my experience over the past 8 weeks! You are amazing in every way! I thank the Lord for allowing me to find your page it has been a blessing to me! I ask God to bless you beyond what you can imagine for you dilligency and consistency on helping others! This wasnt a pretty journey but with your authentic support I made it through.” - Octavia

"Carlton is an awesome Christian life coach. He is consistent, and wants you to succeed. Before my sessions with him, I was experiencing a lack of growth. Throughout this process, I've learned and gained some very helpful tools to help my spiritual growth. I would recommend him to whomever is looking to have a coach to inspire them and push them toward accomplishing their spiritual goal. Thank you again, Carlton! May God continue to bless you and use you to help others." - Silia 

"Having you as my Life Coach was to gain clarity about what I wanted in life. Overcoming obstacles, fear, and insecurities that was holding me back. The plan you created for me helped me reach my goals faster. Also you held me accountable for working on myself. Thank you!! You are truly a blessing to many and keep up the good work." - Daneia 

"When life coaching first came onto my radar, I honestly didn’t know if this experience would be for me.  All of that changed working together with Carlton Speaks. Carlton made it his number one priority to clearly explain life coaching, and what his main focus and goals are and the growth he would like to see in each and everyone of his clients. Carlton became that accountability partner that I needed. This experience for me was remarkable and I’m glad I step out of my comfort zone to embark in this journey." - Leesi

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to have had Carlton as my life coach. He went from a stranger with a kind smile to a friend and teacher, reminding me that the through good and bad, we should have a disposition of thankfulness. I appreciate his love God and his desire to see his clients grow. He's a genuinely positive force!" - Brittany W.

“I can honestly say that this man of God is sincere in the work God gave him concerning coaching. I never even thought about life coaching to be honest so when the idea was presented to me I was hesitant, however when God gives the “Go” he was entrusting Carlton with his people because this man truly has a genuine heart and truly cares for his clients (During and after coaching sessions). Carlton was able to help me see areas I needed to work on when I thought I was really over them and pushed me back into my purpose because my focus was way off. All while keeping Christ in the center. Good coaches are easy to find, but effective, great, Godly, caring and AFFORDABLE coaches aren’t. Get you one! Keep it up Coach!!” Zentavia 

"Before meeting Carlton, I was stuck between starting a business and Not starting a business. He pushed me so much and kept it all the way real with me. He’s also an entrepreneur and that helped me a lot because he wasn’t talking just to talk. He talked from experience and told me the do’s and don'ts about business and entrepreneurship. Carlton is very understanding and easy to talk to. He’s not just a life coach. He’s a man of God and he takes his profession and career very seriously. You won’t be disappointed!" - Shanaiya

"Carlton is an amazing Life Coach. He is relatable, humorous, knowledgeable, creative, and encouraging. I worked with Carlton for several months on many goals that were spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial. Carlton gave me great tips, accountability, and encouragement to crush my goals. In addition, Carlton’s coaching was Christian-based which was extremely important to me. I recommend Carlton’s life coaching for anyone who wants to improve their lives and does not only want to exist but live out their God-given purpose." - Ebony

My 10-week Life Coach sessions were so worth it. Carlton, helped me become better in tune on my spiritual journey; he helped me with being more SPECIFIC in my PRAYERS which is very important. He helped me see things from a male perspective & our sessions helped me stay grounded on my Celibacy journey. Having someone hold you accountable & pushing you to the limit is always worth it. I believe everyone can benefit from Life Coach no matter the circumstances. You don’t have to have issues to have a Life Coach. It’s just someone who can inspire you to reach your highest level of success or just help you with the steps on achieving your goals. Personal growth is a must for everyone in every aspect of your life. Thank you again Carlton! For putting up with me and helping me set goals on becoming the woman God wants me to be on his timing. - Talema

I am always in awe at the simplicity in which Carlton could get to the heart of the matter concerning God’s word. Working with Carlton this year has taught me how to take the word of God to the next level. His enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting. - Porscha

Having you as my life coach was an amazing experience. Thank you for successfully guiding me through scriptures, and giving me the push to tap into my goals. You were genuine and authentic. Our sessions were filled with professionalism, and a plan to execute my goals. I looked forward to our weekly sessions with excitement! You were continuously helpful, and an effective listener. Thank you Carlton for your time. - Brittany A. 

"I started my journey with Carlton due to the fact I was “unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be....spiritually!” After all of my sessions I have learned that I cannot conform myself to the ways of the world! And I am enough because I am a child of the most high.. God! Without Carlton I would still be lost on what I desired to do and who I wanted to become! Now I speak so freely to God about the good and bad, instead of bottling everything up! I am still figuring out my path but I do know that I am not alone and God knew my destiny even before my parents knew me." - Aisha

"Carlton’s life coaching sessions were very helpful to me. He was easy to talk to and a good listener. It was a service that I always thought about but never was really sure if it would be helpful or not. I can definitely say that simply having an unbiased person to discuss personal topics with was immensely helpful. My experience with Carlton was that he was an unbiased listener offering tips and advice to help meet my goals. After a few sessions, I could see improvements in my circle and how I was allowing people to interact with me."

“Carlton is honestly the most down to earth man I have ever met. His sessions are transparent and absolutely heart warming . He honestly listens and he is patient with you. He also pushes you to see better for yourself and he encourages you to believe in yourself. Carlton has been honestly very helpful and caring. I truly loved our sessions because it feels like it is designed to focus on the client and how to really help the client see their potential and that God’s purpose for them is awaiting! He truly cares and will work hard with you. It’s like he goes through the session with you, yes to help you but to help himself too. From watching sermons and reading life changing books as weekly heart and mind checks..he actually looks for God’s best interest at heart for you. I tell you this ...this Life coach is very good.” - Tarha 

“I was a little apprehensive at first when I heard about life coaching, because I wasn’t sure what it had entailed but I’m glad that I had the experience and that I had it with you. Carlton is very easy to talk to. It seems like I’ve known you for a lifetime, which made our sessions even better. You’re a great listener and you’re patient. At the end of every session, I felt renewed in my mind, my heart and definitely my spirit. You always imparted a word along with a video to help me through until the next week. If you’re looking for a life coach, he’s the one. You won’t be disappointed and his prices are reasonable. So it’s a win win!” - Nykia

"I’m Latrece from Tn, and I want to tell you about the coach with the master plan! Because of the obedience he has in the God that works through him, he was able to give me the massive and strenuous pushes needed with ease to help me be obedient in walking the path God had laid before me. His outstanding coaching freed me from people pleasing, procrastination, finger pointing and more. I’m now flourishing in the new stages of operating my Non Profit, loving myself more, and I’ve even finished my 2nd book and plan to launch it soon!! I didn’t know Carlton and he didn’t know me, but I think God for the connection. Throughout the entire coaching without even knowing him or ever seeing him previously, I still felt as though I was working with a long life friend. He’s relatable, straightforward, intentional and fair. If you’re in a slump in any area of your life, Coach Carlton would be your next best thing to sitting on a couch telling someone your problems! Thanks Carlton for all you have done to push me and the support you continue to give even after! Keep doing great work for the Kingdom." - Latrece

“When I first started out with Carl, my sister had recommended me to do a couple of sessions with him and even paid for them. When I started, I really enjoyed the first session we had. We worked together for a year and 4 months, and I have to say Carl helped me with a lot of issues I was dealing with even just as a man and showing me different perspectives and outlook on things. If it wasn't for the work of the Holy Spirit (God) and Carl, I don't know if I would've known the truth that was brought before me to be able to overcome some of the issues I was dealing with as a man, but I highly encourage the brother and the men to give life coaching a try. LISTEN YOU CAN NEVER BE TO LESS OF A MAN TO SAY YOU NEED HELP. IF ANYTHING YOU BECOME MORE OF A MAN WHEN YOU ASK FOR HELP AND RECOGNIZE YOU NEED HELP.” - Myles

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