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LaShesia Holliday

Our latest Woman of the Week features a determined woman of God with a relentless spirit!


While attending Peabody High School, LaShesia encountered a life changing experience and become a mother at the age of seventeen. She mentioned the following about becoming a mother at an early age, “I had the fight in me that I wouldn’t be a statistic and stereotype” 


Possessing this mentality, she graduated from Peabody High School (2006). A few years after graduating, she began the pursuit of her undergraduate degree. After having a change of heart during her nursing program, she decided to become a business major. Initially during her program, she envisioned herself working for a corporation but discovered the vision of becoming an entrepreneur. 

After growing frustrated about her natural hair journey, she began to develop the idea of starting a business that would feature quality hair products. She mentioned the following pertaining the birth of her business, 

“I grew tired and I dreamed of a place where I could get everything I needed for my hair in one place, from the products down to the education. That’s when I changed my mindset from “where can I find this” to “I will create this.” A shift happened. I went from why would I to who better than me?

After experiencing her third layoff, she made the decision to take control of her destiny and become an entrepreneur. 

“At that point with this now being the third time in my career I'd been laid off, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I wouldn’t allow a company to have control over if I'm able to feed my family. I wanted to take that power back."

To make a full commitment to the purpose that God placed on her heart, she decided to go back to school full time to complete her program and give herself the necessary space to figure her life out. In 2017, LaShesia registered the name of her business, Naptural Beauty Supply. 

When discussing the goal and vision for Naptural Beauty Supply, she stated the following:

“My goal for Naptural Beauty Supply is for it to be a household name, when you think of Natural hair, you think of NBS. Naptural Beauty Supply, LLC was established to assist in ending the stigma around natural hair by providing tools, services, and knowledge to encourage men and women to love themselves naturally. In efforts to combat the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness caused by the stigma around natural hair, we strive to facilitate empowerment in our community, boost confidence, & provide convenience. With that being said, we want to help be the change.”


While pursuing her degree and being a full-time entrepreneur, LaShesia is a single mother of three. When asked about the greatest challenge of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, she mentioned the following:

“Staying on top of everything. Remaining organized, trying to exercise, mom, run a business, have a smidge of a social life, go to school and stay hydrated. Having to switch hats/roles during another role is hard. Also, the fact that each role I have has so many layers to it.

When it comes to managing these various challenges, she stated the following:

“Honestly, I’m still a work in progress. I’ve put things in place to help such as having a planner, and keeping it updated. I also have a schedule on when I do certain things which has been helpful. I’m ever evolving and ever changing. I read somewhere “if you’re not learning, you are dying.” It makes perfect sense to me. The beginning stages are rough and there’s no way around it for a grass roots business Mompreneur like myself. Routines get easier the more you practice them”

Here’s the advice that Lashesia has for any current or aspiring entrepreneurs that have doubts about starting a business:

“Start! Do not allow your fear to keep you stagnant. Move through it. With each level of success, comes with new challenges. You'll have to change your mindset from being an employee to becoming a boss.”

2019 has already been a great year for LaShesia. Earlier this year, she was nominated and recognized by the Professional Women's Network. Along with this honor, LaShesia was recently selected as a FAB 40 Honoree by the New Pittsburgh Courier.


Later this month, LaShesia will graduate with a certification in Entrepreneurship and an Associate of Science Degree in Business Management. 

LaShesia is an accomplished Woman of God who didn’t let her struggle keep her stagnant or away from achieving great success! As she continues to walk boldly in her purpose, I’m excited to see where God leads her next! 

I’m proud to introduce to you...

Ms. LaShesia Holliday

The only person that can stop you is you
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