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Ivory Gilmore

Our eighth Woman of the Week features a determined woman of God with an incredible work ethic!


After graduating from Oliver High School, Ivory became the mother to a talented and bright young man at the age of eighteen. Initially, she found herself at a stand still and began to grow tired of going from job to job. Her frustration lead to the pursuit of her first college degree. Having a desire to get into the health field and a strong passion for massage therapy, she decided to enroll at the Sanford Brown Institute. In 2013, Ivory graduated with a degree in Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage. After completing her program, she started her career in massage therapy. Ivory currently works at ‘Skin By Stephanie’ as a Massage Therapist. In addition to her role at Skin By Stephanie and being a single parent of two, Ivory also travels and does massage therapy on a freelance basis. Her goal is to open her own spa in the future!


When asked about how she balances motherhood with the pursuit of her goals, she mentioned the following: “Balancing Motherhood with work is most definitely one of the hardest things to do, until you put it in your mind that it can be done and you have to get it done no matter what!” Ivory also added that having a strong support system and doing things strategically also helps her maintain a healthy balance between pursuing her goals and being a mother.


When discussing what advice she would give to single mothers aspiring to reach their goals, she stated the following: “Make sure you have an organized plan for how your day will be, and make sure you have reliable help with the welfare of your child.”


Ivory followed this up by adding, “It’s gonna be a challenge but that challenge is good. Always remember who and what you’re doing it for and don't let anything discourage you or distract you from achieving your goal. Don’t start something you can't finish or something that's going to be a waste of your time and money. You can do it! Get any doubts or any excuses out your mind and just do it! Go for it! Push, do it for you and your child. It will all be worth it, and you'll be so much better and happier!”


Ivory shows us that you can find and maintain a healthy balance between work, parenting and the pursuit of your goals. As the Good News Bible Translation of Proverbs 16:3 states, Ask the LORD to bless your plans, and you will be successful in carrying them out.”


Ivory is woman of God who walks boldly in her faith!


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Ivory Gilmore

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