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Bridget Prenatt

Our fifth Woman of the Week features a hard working woman with an amazing story! After graduating from Maplewood High School in 2007, Bridget began the pursuit of a Sports Administration Degree at Edinboro University. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she decided to withdraw and relocate. Bridget didn’t allow this to stop or discourage her from getting a degree. She began the pursuit of a Fashion Marketing and Management degree (Art Institute of Pittsburgh) in 2014. Her passion in Fashion began as a lack of self-confidence. This was a result of not feeling thin enough, and a limited amount of trendy clothes in her size. After seeing women her size radiate with confidence and dismiss what the critics were saying about plus size women, she decided to do the same!


Bridget said the following pertaining to her self-confidence: “Eventually, I learned that it’s not what’s on that matters, but what is in you. Regardless of what I wore I had to love myself and come full circle with self-acceptance.”


Earlier this year, Bridget graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with honors; earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. Her future plans include opening a boutique for plus size men and women. Along with creating this specialized boutique, she plans to be an advocate for women who are dealing with self-image issues and provide them encouragement and styling services. Bridget is a great example of a queen who embraced the unique way God created her!


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Bridget Prenatt

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