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Larrissa Carlton 

Our tenth Woman of the Week features an outstanding woman of God with an incredible spirit and work ethic!


After graduating from high school in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Larrissa made the decision to continue her educational journey at the University of Toledo. With an interest and desire to become an occupational therapist, she decided to major in Recreational Therapy.


Larrissa’s biggest challenge in college came from feeling the pressure of accomplishing her goals within a specific time frame. Despite the self and peer applied pressure, Larrissa remained focused, and pushed through to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy. One year after graduating from the University of Toledo, she decided to pursue entrepreneurship and launched her brand “She’s Blossoming”. This brand began as a God-planted seed within her that she was unaware of.


When asked about the motivation to launch this brand, Larrissa mentioned the following, “I had to grow in my faith and love for myself to allow it to grow.”


She’s Blossoming” started with Larissa’s desire to share her journey to wellness while placing a emphasis on the mental and spiritual health of other women! When asked to describe her experience as an entrepreneur, Larrissa said the following, “It’s been an uphill journey. When I first started “She Blossoming”, I knew it would be hard because people told me multiple times that entrepreneurship is not easy, but it’s different when you’re in it. You learn about yourself, God and others. The experience is a challenge but amazing at the same time.”


Since launching her brand, she’s conducted and hosted four events! She never saw this coming, but she nurtured and developed the seed that God planted within in her and never questioned what he called her to do!


When asked what advice she would give to a fellow Queen who find themselves stuck or overwhelmed, Larrissa stated the following, “Take a step back. It’s okay to relax and allow God to fill you back up. You can’t give from an empty vessel. So renew your focus daily. Spend intentional time with yourself and God. Be present and mindful of how you’re using your time and who you’re spending it with.”


Outside of her entrepreneurial journey, Larrissa was recently accepted into a Masters Program! Larissa is a woman of God that is destined for great things because of believing in herself and the seed that God planted within her.


She is the perfect example of what happens when you go after everything that God has prepared for you in BOLD Faith!


I Introduce to You,

Ms. Larrissa Carlton

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