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Jaèlaun Moses

Our fourth Woman of the Week features a woman with an incredible work ethic, and a great amount of ambition. After meeting her for the first time, I knew that she was a queen focused on making an impact! 


In 2010, Jaèlaun started her educational journey at Clarion University. While pursuing her first degree, she decided to start her entrepreneurial journey; launching her first brand "Beaulity". This brand started as a t-shirt line targeting women with self esteem issues. It eventually expanded into highlighting the mental, spiritual, and emotional beauty of a woman. In 2014, Jaèlaun graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media Arts and Journalism. After taking some time off, Jaèlaun resumed her educational journey;  starting a Graduate Program at Duquesne University. During the pursuit of her second degree, Jaèlaun planned and held the first annual Beaulity Women Empowerment Brunch (2015). This involved women coming together to hear inspiring speakers and support local Pittsburgh vendors.  In 2016, Jaèlaun completed her educational journey by earning her Masters degree in Leadership and Professional Advancement. Earlier this year, she wrote and published her first book "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"


Her motivation to write this book came from the desire to share her story, and give readers the opportunity to walk in her shoes. I became more impressed with this accomplishment when she mentioned that her book was written in TWO days! Jaèlaun also held her second Beaulity Women Empowerment Brunch, which I had the opportunity to attend. Outside of her Beaulity brand, she also has a brand devoted to the empowerment of men (Reality). This brand was designed to recognize men making the best of their reality.


Jaèlaun has launched two brands, earned two degrees and wrote a book all before turning 25 years old. She's a great example of a God-fearing woman on a mission to impact the world! 


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Jaèlaun Moses 

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