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Joelisa McDonald

Our seventh Woman of the Week features a God fearing woman with an amazing work ethic and an awesome story!

After graduating from Woodland Hills High School in 2008, Joelisa decided to continue her educational journey at Point Park University. During her freshman year, Joelisa became the mother to an intelligent and bright young man, AJ. Despite becoming a young mother, she remained focused on her educational goals. In 2012, Joelisa graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. After reaching one educational milestone, she decided to pursue another. Joelisa began the pursuit of a graduate degree at Duquesne University (Professional Administration)

During her graduate program, Joelisa was diagnosed with lupus (February 2014), an autoimmune disorder that involves the body’s immune system attacking it’s own tissues and organs. Although this lead to her taking a break from her studies, Joelisa didn’t remain stagnant. A month after learning about her diagnosis, she decided to become an entrepreneur, and launch her own business (Cakes By Joelisa). When asked about her inspiration to start her own business, she mentioned the following: “The inspiration came from God . I found myself against the ropes and trying to make ends meet while in graduate school and working full time. I never had a dollar to spare . It was frustrating and I prayed to God to bless my hands . I told him that I wish I could use my hands to help me during my hard times. I wanted a gift nobody could take away from me . My sons fifth birthday rolled around, and I decided to make his cake myself to save on the cost. I posted it to social media and received many praises and inquiries . I quickly realized that God was answering my prayer.”


Over the last four years, Joelisa has built a successful brand and a strong clientele. This was accomplished while battling Lupus, maintaining employment and her responsibilities as a single mother. Most recently, she designed a cake for hip hop artist, Cardi B. Reflecting on how this was accomplished, she stressed the importance of not allowing this condition to have full control over her life, and taking advantage of the things that she could control. When asked about what advice she would to give to a woman striving to reach her goals, she said the following: “You can do it all and don’t let anyone tell you different , just always remember during the difficult tasks to be kind and forgiving to yourself . God’s plan for your life is already written and with LOVE.”


Joelisa shows us what happens when you seek God wholeheartedly, and trust his plan for your life! When your determination and love for God is greater than your fears, anything is possible and Joelisa is a great example of this. She went after everything she prayed for with complete confidence in herself, and God’s ability to deliver on his promises!


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Joelisa McDonald

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