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Kyshira Moffett

Our ninth Woman of the Week features an influential woman of God with an incredible work ethic!


After graduating from Whitney M. Young High School, Kyshira began the pursuit of her first degree at Hampton University (2008). Possessing an interest to enter the business field, she decided to major in Business Administration. In 2012, Kyshira graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Her passion for success didn’t allow her educational journey to end there. She began the pursuit of her second degree and received her Masters in Business Administration in 2013.


Having a strong desire to share her expertise, Kyshira decided to launch a blog that focused on career development and personal branding. Along with blogging, she was also coaching individuals on interview preparation and how to make a successful career transition. This lead to Kyshira becoming a mentor and career coach for her own consulting agency “The Power Collective”. Her leadership and expertise has helped her clients host and sell out various events and retreats, publish numerous books, and generate an increase in their business sales. Kyshira’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit lead to the creation of her second brand, Life of A Bombshell Cosmetics. Within five months of launching, this brand was featured in Essence magazine! The Life of A Bombshell Cosmetic Line offers luxury cosmetics for women consistently on the go.


In 2017, Kyshira became an author and published her first book “Bombshell of All Trades”. This was designed to assist help new entrepreneurs with creating a solid brand and marketing strategy. She also has written books on business, branding and creating a beauty business. Along with becoming an author, she also became the President of the National Black MBA Association (Pittsburgh Chapter) and a leader for the Local Levo League in Pittsburgh. Kyshira was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by Style Week Pittsburgh (2017). Along with her entrepreneurial ventures and leadership roles, Kyshira has hosted various workshops and events. Earlier this year, she hosted and held her third annual “Hustle HER Way” summit. Throughout her career thus far, Kyshira has been recognized by EBONY Magazine, CNN Money, Blavity, XO Necole, Fast Company and the Empire Life Magazine!


When discussing the greatest challenge that accompanies entrepreneurship, she mentioned the following: “The greatest challenge I’ve found is learning how to make time for myself and being firm about it. It’s all about prioritizing!


When I asked Kyshira what advice she would give to an aspiring woman entrepreneur, she said the following, “Stop waiting! There is no such thing as perfect timing. It will never be the “right time”. You have to make the decision to jump in order to reach the level of abundance you seek.”


Kyshira shows us what happens when you trust God, and go after everything that he has for you! She is the perfect example of Philippians 4:13, a woman that can do all things through the one that strengthens her!


I Introduce To You,

Ms. Kyshira Moffett

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