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My Testimony

"Month Six" (Written on July 25, 2016)

Six months ago, I faced one of my biggest fears. I had surgery to repair a torn Patellar Tendon in my left knee. Realizing that I was in God's hands, I remained calm prior to surgery and a successful procedure was completed. As I rested on my Grandfather's couch that night, I knew I had a long journey ahead of me. I never worried because I knew that God would be with me every step of the way. I understood that he already won this battle for me. This six month journey emphasized the power of prayer, remaining patient, and being persistent. I prayed when I experienced difficulty and discomfort. I also prayed for patience, realizing that rushing my recovery and going against God's timing could result in another setback. After having my crutches and brace removed, I had to start the rehabilitation process. This consisted of a physical therapy session during the morning and another during the evening. It was tough, but I prayed daily and worked persistently to make a full recovery. I've came a long way so far, and I know that I'm extremely close to the finish line. With God on my side, I'm confident that I'll successfully complete this mission. 

I share this to emphasize that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Philippians 4:13 | Good News Translation (GNT)

I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.

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