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Larissa Lane

February’s Essential Queen is a hard working woman of God who keeps her relationship with him at the center of everything that she does!


After graduating from Perry Traditional Academy in 2006, Larissa’s educational journey continued at the Community College of Allegheny County before making the transition to the Empire Beauty School for Cosmetology. Larissa completed her program in 2009 and returned in 2015 to obtain her Teaching License.

After graduating in 2009, she decided to make the transition from education to entrepreneurship. Her entrepreneurial desires started when she was a child. The decision to launch her business (Larissa Lane Artistry) was the result of wanting to offer an experience more than a product or service. 

When asked about the ultimate goal of her business, she mentioned the following: 


“The ultimate goal for my business is to make sure that no matter how far it goes, it remains pleasing to God; That my business is serving in a way that God would be proud and pleased.”


When pleasing God becomes a priority, he will place your feet in rooms that you haven’t entered yet. During the summer of 2019, Larissa was blessed with the opportunity to work with an Emmy Award Winning Multimedia Agency (Ya Momz House).

This opportunity provided her the chance to work the legendary Phylicia Rashad. 

Here’s how Larissa described the experience of working with the iconic actress: 

“Working with Ms Phylicia Rashaad was pretty dope. She’s like America’s auntie. The tip she gave me while working with her was keep makeup natural looking as she analyzed my face and said...

“Like how yours is done, it looks lovely and not over done. That’s how it should be done, your beautiful.” 

“She also said we should as a younger generation allow the stories of playwright like August Wilson be our bridge to stay connected to our ancestors stories. This is advise she gave to the crew.” 


Another aspect of pleasing God is having faith in the unfamiliar places of our life. The next phase of Larissa’s journey for Christ was a move from Pittsburgh to California. She described this move as both exciting and scary at the same. To overcome the fear of failure, Larissa had to trust God, and do something that she’s never done. After working on a film in California as a hairstylist and makeup artist, Larissa moved back to Pittsburgh. 


Here’s how she describes her transition back to her hometown: 

“When I had to come back, I was unsure if I was making the right the decision. Literally the day after I arrived back in Pittsburgh, I received a message asking for me to work on a Amazon film in Pittsburgh. I knew then that I was supposed to be back here. God showed me that I don’t have to chase the opportunities. When he's my focus, the opportunities will find me. Two weeks after that I ended up working on another film. This just showed me that God is in control of my life and great things happen when we partner together.”


God has COMPLETE control over his plan for our lives, and great things happen when we trust him! 

When asked to discuss the challenges that she’s faced as an entrepreneur, she stated the following 


“The biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is to stay consistent during the hard times. This has taught me how to have discipline in business. I am still overcoming this challenge by remembering it’s not about how fast you see it working or getting the attention you expect so soon. It’s about pacing yourself and building a good foundation, allowing what you are building to be built for a lifetime, not for fast return but for longevity. Like Nipsey Hussle said, “It’s a marathon not a race.”

The race isn’t given to the swift, but the one that endures! Here’s the advice that Larissa would give to an aspiring entrepreneur: 

“Don’t look for a fast return but know what you are building is for the long run. Be patient with yourself and don’t be to prideful to ask for help or seek wisdom. No one knows it all. Remember why you want to be an entrepreneur. I learned if you’re doing it just for yourself, that’s not enough foundation to build on.

If your why is bigger than you, it makes your ‘why’ have longevity. If you don’t know where to start, start with what you do know. Don’t think of the whole list but start with one thing at a time. Get with like minded people and allow them to help you without the fear of them taking your idea. I recommend every entrepreneur read the story of the bamboo plant.” 

Outside of her role as an the owner of Larissa Lane Artistry, LLC: Larissa is currently a stylist at 4Ever L’Amour Studio (Pittsburgh), a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist for film documentaries, and a Natural Skin Care curator.

Larissa is a great example of the phrase, Let Go and Let God. When you let go of your fears and let God lead you by faith, the possibilities are endless! 


I Introduce To You,

Ms Larissa Lane

The only person that can stop you is you
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