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Self Care: In A Relationship

The most important part of Self Care is the strength of your relationship with God. He doesn't only teach us how to love, but he also shows us how we should be loved. It becomes difficult to love yourself efficiently if you don't understand the type of love you deserve. If God loves you unconditionally, you should give yourself the same type of affection. God knows every flaw you have, and his perception of you never changes. The type of love that I'm describing comes from a perfect God who doesn't make any mistakes. To expand on how much he loves you, he sacrificed his only son to have a relationship with you. He followed this by creating you in a perfect image, His! If this isn't love, please enlighten me on what is.

Here's the question that I want to propose, what's keeping you from pursuing a committed relationship with God? Hasn't he done enough for you? What more can God do to make you fully commit to him? Some of us place God in the "Friend Zone". We don't want a commitment, we just want a friendship; praying when we want something, reading when we feel like it, and going to church when it's convenient. We think God is cool, but we don't care for him "like that". Some get stuck in the mindset of finding time for God. If God treated us the same way, we wouldn't be where we are right now. God doesn't find ways for us, he makes ways for us. I'm sure you would make time for a man with the right beard, bank account and body type especially if he was treating you to your favorite restaurant. That man can be totally different tomorrow while Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever. That man can lose interest in you while God is committed to you forever. This is where self care can become unhealthy. When you lose sight of what you're worth, you begin to settle for less. Don't settle for being a second option when God made you a first priority. If you're in a committed relationship with God, you won't settle for anything because you have a man that will fulfill every need you have and you don't need to do anything special to obtain it. You don't have to wear something provocative or post a certain Facebook status to get God's love or affection. He already adores you! You're beautiful with or without makeup. When he made you in his image, he didn't use Sephora or MAC. You were perfectly crafted well before that!

You have to love yourself the way that God loves you! If God loves you flaws and all, then embrace every flaw you have. If God makes time for you, do the same. Get rid of this "finding time" mindset. The word find can be defined as discovering something by chance. This is why self care is non-existent for some because we're looking for an opportunity to take care of our well being instead of making time for it. You can't give your all when you don't have your all to give. Just like you would make time to get the proper attire ready for a special date, you need to make time to nurture your well being. This isn't limited to getting a massage or binge watching your favorite shows, this also includes prayer, reading and building an intimate relationship with God. Remember you are what you ingest. A strong relationship with God has the potential enhance your entire well-being, which is the foundation of Self Care.

God Bless


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