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Self Care : Validation

Your journey to becoming a better and stronger woman starts with self care. A friend asked me to define what I meant by the term "Self Care". I define it as showing yourself unconditional love. Self care involves embracing your flaws while striving to becoming a better you. It's acceptable and necessary to celebrate who you are right now, but realize that you can and will get better as long as you stay connected to God. A strong relationship with God is the most significant part of self care. Without God, self care can potentially become unhealthy and ineffective.

This occurs because your focus shifts away from God, and you start to seek your validation from elsewhere. When you seek your happiness from God, you'll always have joy. When you place your self-satisfaction or happiness in the hands of others, your mindset and well-being can become impacted in a negative way. We have to realize that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever while others change with the seasons. This is what makes validation from others potentially unhealthy because you don't know what to expect from them on a day to day basis. One of my most recent observations is the impact of social media. The amount of likes or compliments can be the difference between a woman feeling good or bad about herself. If you have a strong and steady relationship with God, you'll always know you're good enough because he says you are. Where you seek validation from is very significant. This is why I decided to do Women Empowerment Wednesday instead of Woman Crush Wednesday. A Woman Crush is typically based on a woman's physical appearance while Women Empowerment focuses on who a woman is within. If the amount of likes or the frequency of you being someone's Woman Crush is the foundation of your self care, your well-being can potentially become unstable. The same applies if your validation comes from being in a relationship. Validation shouldn't be sought out from any man besides God. Why place your happiness in the hands of someone who doesn't desire to put a ring on your finger? Don't place your worth or seek validation from an individual who only loves you when you make them happy. Seek your worth and validation from a God who loves you unconditionally, despite your flaws. Don't rely on a 'like' or a man to tell you how beautiful you are. You were created in God's image, which validates your beauty. They might not think you worth it, but Jesus thought you were to die for. This is why your validation should come from him. You're his Woman Crush Everyday and forever!

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