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It's Temporary, Not Permanent

Although our presidents change, God remains the same. Anyone elected as the president of the United States can only serve a four or eight year term, while God's term on the throne is forever. TD Jakes recently said the following "Don't allow yourself to go into a state of depression due to a temporary situation." We must realize that every storm runs out of rain, and if we endure the discomfort of a temporary situation, we'll receive permanent blessings from a permanent God. We place such a huge emphasis on where we are that we sometimes lose sight of where we're going. We have to stay focused on the bigger picture and our long-term destination instead of the temporary layover. A layover is defined as a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey. Sometimes we have to take a step back and evaluate why God may have arranged a layover in our lives.

During this time last year, I found myself confined to my Grandfather's couch after having surgery to repair my left patellar tendon. Lacking the ability to walk without excruciating pain lead to a great deal of frustration. After reflecting on everything, I realized that this temporary setback would become my testimony. Not only was it an opportunity to strengthen the muscles surrounding my patellar tendon, it was also an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God. You may be placed in a temporary season to become the person you're destined to be. Becoming a better version of you can ultimately lead to bigger and better blessings. The word permanent means lasting or intended to remain unchanged. This perfectly describes the God we serve and the way he wants to bless us. The most important thing to remember is that God wants to bless the best version of you. The person you are right now is temporary, but the person that you'll become in Christ is permanent. If we don't fully develop into who God wants us to be, our blessings can become temporary. Just imagine if God blessed you with your own business but you weren't fully capable of managing it. Running your own business has the potential to be a long-term blessing, but if you're not mentally or spiritually prepared, it can turn into a short-term blessing. A blessing can become temporary if we're not ready for it. So instead of complaining about your "Nine to Five" occupation, use that job to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. Don't let the length of your temporary season discourage you from receiving a permanent blessing. Focus more on where God is taking you instead of where he has you now. Your current place or position is temporary, while where God wants to take you is permanent!

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