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Trusting God's Plan

During times of difficulty or impatience, trusting God's plan is one of the most difficult things to do. This is a result of God working on his timing instead of ours. We must practice patience and provide God the proper timing to develop the blessing we've been asking for. Our roadmap to success can be different from God's, but both have the potential to reach the same destination. Whether you take a plane or bus from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, you can still reach the same place using either method of transportation. Although most of us have a variety of goals that we wish to accomplish, don't be discouraged if they are not accomplished on your timing. It took LeBron James nine years to win his first NBA championship, after losing in the first two NBA Finals that he appeared in. Don't get frustrated or quit on a goal if it's not reached at the end of month. God may need extra time to perfect your blessing, or he could be preparing you to receive the blessing you prayed for. God also may want to see how much you trust him. Trusting God's plan is one of the best ways to show your faith in him.

Not only do we serve a God with unlimited ability, we serve a God with advanced intelligence. God knows what will occur in our life well before it happens. Nothing will catch God off guard because he planned our entire life before birth. This is the reason we walk by faith and not by sight. We understand that God's vision is clearer than ours. Where we see disaster, God sees prosperity. Where we see failure, God sees success. It may appear that a blessing or opportunity will never arrive, but we know that if God promised us something, he will deliver it at the right time. We have to learn that God's timing is perfect. I recently spoke with a colleague about when I made the decision to blog, and I explained that this decision was made during my period of unemployment. This made me reflect on the last six months of my life. I experienced unemployment, decided to build a blogging website, found a short-term job and ended the year with signing an offer letter to return the same company that severed ties with my position earlier in the year. I realized that this was God's Plan for my life. God knew everything that would happen to me during this time frame, and this is why I trust his plan for my life. He knew that I wanted to create something that would help people and bring him glory, and he provided me the time to do it. He understood that this would've been difficult working over forty hours a week while taking graduate classes. So he provided me the necessary time and resources to accomplish this, knowing that if I could endure the uncomfortable feeling of unemployment that there would be a reward at the end. We must understand that God rewards us for being faithful, especially during tough periods of our life. We also have to realize that we serve a God that doesn't break promises. If God promised you an opportunity to go back to school, don't get discouraged if you have to take a break and start in the Fall instead of continuing into the spring semester. You can get the same degree whether you start in the Spring or Fall. Starting in the fall may align better with God's plan for your life. God could be aligning your graduation date up with your next career opportunity. That same opportunity could've been nonexistent if you took classes in the spring like you wanted to. The key to trusting the plan for our lives is to trust the one who created it. The last time I checked, we serve a perfect God that doesn't fail. Have faith in God and the plan he created for your life!

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