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Let God In

Giving our problems to God is one of the best ways to display our faith in him. We can't say we trust him if we always attempt to handle our issues independently. Most of us believe that sharing our problems and confessing our doubts is a sign of weakness when it's actually the complete opposite. Presenting our problems and issues to God shows the strength of our relationship with him, and the faith we have in his ability. An individual strong in Christ will always be strong, while an individual who relies on their own strength can potentially become weak. God is more than willing to help us, but he's waiting on an invitation from us. Sometimes we are ashamed or defeated about what we're going through, but we have to realize that God will go through it with us. Psalm 50:15 states "Trust me in your times of trouble and I will rescue you and you will give me glory." God is ready and willing to show up anywhere and do anything for us but only if he's invited. Seek and ask for his help, and he'll provide it.

Bishop John E. Guns recently said the following about rest, "Learning to rest is not about sleep, it's about release. It's about trusting God and living in the fact that God will not fail you." We often find ourselves fatigued dealing with the battles we face in life, but learning to relinquish these battles will allow us to rest and refresh. After tearing my patellar tendon back in January, I started to reflect on why this injury occurred. I knew this had to be a part of God's plan but I couldn't help but to think about why this happened from an anatomical standpoint. Since the summer of 2004, I've played basketball with tendinitis in my left knee. Patellar tendinitis is a overuse injury that comes from repeated stress on the patellar tendon. This can result in small tears of the tendon which ultimately causes pain from the weakening of the tendon. Over the last twelve years, I believe the constant stress and pressure applied to my patellar tendon lead to a complete tear of it. I learned prior to this injury that the best method to recover from tendinitis is rest. Most of us encounter life tendinitis from the repeated stress we deal with on a daily basis. This is why we need God in our lives, to provide us the chance to rest or we'll run the risk of becoming completely torn. We have to realize that we serve a God that never suffers from fatigue. Despite how many times we call on him, God can never be over used. Life can put a lot of weight on our shoulders, and this is where we need God to step in and give us a break. What if the reason you're experiencing a difficult season is due to hoarding everything instead of giving it to God? God can't provide us new blessings if our hands are full. You'll always be fatigued if you're playing every minute of the game. Don't keep God on the bench, let him play! He's the best player on your team and your key to victory!

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