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No Matter What

One component of building and nurturing a relationship with God is consistently praising and serving him despite what you're feeling or going through. This year has been an interesting one for me. I started out the year with a knee injury that required surgery. Two weeks later, my Grandmother was called home to be with the Lord. Two months after returning to work, my company decided to eliminate every position in our office, leaving me unemployed. Can you say the first half of 2016 got the best of me? Despite experiencing this misfortune and adversity, I continued to praise God. Being in a relationship with God isn't just giving praise during a summer season, but also during the winter months.

I learned and developed this mindset from watching God work in my life. One dictionary described the phrase "No Matter What" as emphasizing that you are definitely going to do something even if obstacles or difficulties are present! This immediately made me think about God. Despite the obstacles we face or the difficulties that surround us, God still finds a way to bless and protect us. Regardless of what we're going through, God has the ability to get us through it. No matter what we say or do, God will always be on our side.

In the Good News Bible, Isaiah 54:17 states "But no weapon will be able to hurt you; you will have an answer for all who accuse you. I will defend my servants and give them victory" The Lord has spoken." Despite what the odds are, he will defend you and give you victory. Even if you created the mess you're in or don't see a way out of the storm, God always has you covered.

Don't wait until the weather changes to express your gratitude. If God can provide you warmth and comfort during your winter season, praise him in the same season despite dealing with discomfort. Not only because he deserves it, but also because you know he can turn things around. Praise is an expression of both your gratitude and faith. I praised God during my season of adversity because I knew he would bless me at the right time. After experiencing a few months of unemployment, God blessed me with the right job opportunity after going on numerous interviews and filling out countless applications.

The relationship we have with God is a "No Matter What" type of relationship. No matter how difficult things get for us, continue to look to God. No matter what situation you're in, God can make it right. We tend to shy away from God when we're facing a problem, not realizing he's the answer we're looking for. You'll never face a situation that God can't fix or turn around. Continue to seek him, and he'll be everything you need him to be!

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