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Spending Habits

What we value has the power to determine the decisions we make on a daily basis. This makes evaluating our spending habits very significant. Spending habits aren't just financial. Where we spend our time, energy and effort are included as well. Do you spend more time making a complaint or releasing a prayer? Do you spend more time browsing social media or reading the Bible? Do you spend more time venting to others or talking to God? Doing excessive spending in unnecessary places could be the difference between where you are and where you desire to be. You could be praying for a new job, promotion or a house but your lifestyle doesn't correlate with what you're praying for. It's difficult for God to bless you with a new house if your priorities aren't in order. You don't put money in a vending machine when it's out of order. So why would God do the same? The good news is that we serve a merciful and patient God who's willing to wait for us to get it right. Your blessings don't have an expiration date on them. They are just waiting for you to get in order!

One of the best ways to improve your lifestyle is to evaluate your habits. The word evaluate can be defined as determining or setting the value of something. Another definition is to determine the significance or worth of something. When we're evaluating our spending habits, we first have to determine the value and significance of our relationship with God. Our spending habits will indicate the importance of this relationship. A person who loves their spouse will seek to spend quality time with them. If our relationship with God is important to us, we must do the same. Spending more time with God is one of the best ways to enhance this relationship, and going to church on Sunday isn't enough. We have to make more time for God instead of trying to find more time for God. God doesn't find ways for us, he makes ways for us. If we can make time to watch our favorite shows, go shopping at the mall, and hang out with our friends, we can do the same for God. In order to do this, we have to alter where we spend our time. Instead of spending time complaining and venting to friends, use this time to have a conversation with God. Instead of spending hours on social media, devote some of that time towards reading the Bible. If it helps, seek out inspirational and Christian based posts and videos on your favorite social media outlet. Instead of spending time at a nightclub, use that time to read bible verses with friends. Not only does that allow you to spend time with friends, but it may help a friend develop a better relationship with God. It's easier to praise God around a group of people who love to praise God. A habit is developed in twenty one days, so be patient with yourself. Changing your spending habits has the potential to change your life. If you make more time for God, he'll create a better life for you!

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