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Faithfully Focused

Paying attention to the wrong things can cost you a blessing or opportunity. This is why the direction of our focus is significant. Ask yourself, where's my focus today? Are you focused on the traffic you're sitting in or the blessing of being employed? Are you focused on the failures of last week or different ways to create success this week? Our focus determines our mindset which ultimately shapes the way we live. When our focus is shifted towards the right things, we can live life more abundantly.

One aspect of being faithfully focused is placing an emphasis on God's faithfulness. One definition of the word focus is paying particular attention to something. When we're facing a difficult situation, we should pay specific attention to how faithful God has been to us. It's logical to acknowledge the situation that we're in, but our primary focus should be on his faithfulness. Just think about the last situation that he turned in your favor. God is more than capable of doing this with any situation that you face. If he's provided you with shelter during one of life's thunderstorms in the past, he's willing to do it again. I remember watching Micheal Jordan as a kid, and always expecting the Chicago Bulls to win. I never focused how many points the Bulls we're losing by. I always thought about how he helped the team overcome a losing deficit last time, and how he would do it this time. We need to have a similar mentality when it comes to our God. It's easy to get caught up in what's going on right now, but we can't lose sight of what God has done for us in the past.

The word faithful is defined as having or showing true and constant support or loyalty. We serve a God who loves to demonstrate his loyalty to us, and will provide support in any situation we face. We often miss this due to placing all of our focus on the current situation we're in or approaching a situation with the mindset of "that was last time" or "that was a different situation" We have to realize that God remains the same even when the seasons change. Despite what we do or what we face, His faithfulness is still the same! Sometimes God allows things to happen to prove this to us. You can't fully understand his faithfulness until you're in a situation where his faithfulness is required. Embrace every season or situation you face, knowing that God has your back. If God did it before, he can do it again!

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