December 1, 2016

One component of building and nurturing a relationship with God is consistently praising and serving him despite what you're feeling or going through. This year has been an interesting one for me. I started out the year with a knee injury that required surgery. Two wee...

November 19, 2016

What we value has the power to determine the decisions we make on a daily basis. This makes evaluating our spending habits very significant. Spending habits aren't just financial. Where we spend our time, energy and effort are included as well. Do you spend more time m...

November 8, 2016

I never would've thought playing the game I love would place me in the most painful position that I've ever been in. I tore the Patella Tendon in my left knee playing basketball on a Sunday afternoon. The pain was initially physical but the pain eventually became menta...

October 22, 2016

Paying attention to the wrong things can cost you a blessing or opportunity. This is why the direction of our focus is significant. Ask yourself, where's my focus today? Are you focused on the traffic you're sitting in or the blessing of being employed? Are you focused...

October 12, 2016

One of the most difficult things to do is to remain patient during a rough season or dire situation. This occurs when we focus on what we're going through instead of the one that will get us through it. We must understand that God can alter any situation or season, and...

September 30, 2016

Pain and punishment are often linked together, and this concept has been ingrained in our minds forever. It reminds us of a child being chastised for doing something wrong. Well, God doesn't work that way. He doesn't use pain to punish us, he uses it to prepare us. The...

September 22, 2016

One of the most difficult things to grasp and embrace is pain being a part of our growth process. This is due to placing a greater emphasis on the mental and physical feeling of pain during a trial instead of what we'll become after enduring it. One definition of the w...

September 17, 2016

I recall answering a question in a graduate class that asked if all pain was bad pain? My initial response to this question was yes. Focusing on the physical feeling of pain, I wrote that some pain may be less severe, but all pain is bad due to experiencing some form o...

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