Positive | Prayer | Empowerment 

June 20 - June 26

The Positive Challenge (Facebook) 

  • Day 1: Start Your Day With A Positive Thought

  • Day 2: No Negative Thoughts, Texts, Posts or Comments For 24 Hours

  • Day 3: God May Take You Down A Difficult Road, But He'll Never Leave You or Give You More Than You Can Handle

  • Day 4: Pay More Attention To Your Blessings Than Your Problems

  • Day 5: If You Have God, You Have All You Need

  • Day 6: You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You 

  • Day 7: God May Push You, But It's Only To Push You To Be Your Best

June 26 - July 3

The Prayer Challenge (Facebook) 

  • Day 1: Prayer Is The Best Way To Start Your Day

  • Day 2: Praying Should Be A Daily Routine Not A Last Resort

  • Day 3: Believe in What You Pray For. Don't Pray For Success and Expect Failure

  • Day 4: Keep Praying Because God Knows What's Best For You

  • Day 5: Prayer is The Most Powerful Weapon To Use Against Your Trials 

  • Day 6: With or Without Problems, Talk To God

  • Day 7: Keep Praying, You Never Know When or How God Will Answer Your Prayers

July 25 - August 1

The Empowerment Challenge (Facebook) 

  • Day 1: You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You

  • Day 2: Don't Settle For Being Good Enough When You're Destined For Greatness

  • Day 3: You Are Phenomenal and More Than Capable of Doing Anything You Set Your Mind To

  • Day 4: If You Want Something, Go Get It! God Has Your Back

  • Day 5: Think About How Far God Has Brought You and How Far He Wants To Take You

  • Day 6: Believe In Your Potential Like God Does

  • Day 7: God Has Granted Us The Power To Make The Rest of Our Life, The Best of Our Life